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A Bold and Passionate Vision for RISD's Future

  • Increasing student college and career readiness by focusing resources to close opportunity gaps with the goal of ALL students performing at or above their grade level.

  • Focusing more on retaining and rewarding our teachers. 

  • Fully support implementing all of the recommendations made in RISD’s Strategic Plan 2017. 

  • Enhancing current security initiatives so that our students can learn and teachers can instruct in completely safe environments. 

  • Creating new policies so that students, teachers, and parents know what the rules are and how they will be implemented.


  • Embracing and celebrating our cultural differences. 

  • Effectively use data, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to make better decisions as it relates to staff and resources. 

  • Creating greater pathways for students into the workforce through career and technical education.  

  • Supporting athletics, fine arts, and extracurricular programs to ensure that students learn valuable leadership, teamwork, and communications skills.


Re-elect Eron Linn Because of His Accomplishments

  • Hired Dr. Jeannie Stone as RISD’s Superintendent - 2019 Texas PTA Superintendent of the Year.

  • Reformed RISD’s Curriculum and Instruction to prepare students to meet the needs of our future economy. 

  • Reformed the process to create RISD’s Academic Calendar by increasing community participation and transparency. 

  • Reformed the community engagement process for RISD’s Capital Projects to increase transparency and collaboration. 

  • Worked against vouchers and advocated for more money for public schools during the State Legislative Session. 

  • Supported students remaining at their neighborhood schools instead of being involuntarily transferred to a school in an unfamiliar area of the district. 

  • Consistently supported increasing teacher compensation, focusing on rewarding and retaining our most experienced teachers. 

  • Supports RISD’s policy on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. 

  • Created Veterans Memorial Park on the site of the former Greenville Avenue Stadium. 

Pol. Adv. paid for by the Eron Linn for Richardson ISD, District 2 Campaign Karen Springs, Treasurer